Terms and Conditions


  1. GOLDEN ERA SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS AND CONSULTANCY PVT LTD holds all the exclusive brand and development rights of GERG STORE.com
  2. GOLDEN ERA CONSUMER DURABLES PVT LTD holds all the product selling and payment reception rights of GERG STORE.com
  3. GERG STORE reserves the following rights with Vendor for Product display and Inventory
    • accept/reject/display a product after necessary verifications
    • Pricing of the product as per market standards
    • Type of products to be displayed
    • Cancel the Vendor tie up without any further notice
    • Change /Modify the presentation and content of a Product displayed
  4. VENDOR has to follow the below mentioned clauses for Product display and Inventory
    • Replacement of non quality products as per customer request within 7 working days
    • Replacement of products with different specifications from the purchase order immediately
    • Necessary catalogues with precise specifications(Color, size and shape)
    • Out of stock products information has to be passed immediately to GERG STORE


  1. Product Quality is the sole responsibility of VENDOR
  2. Product copying (Design/appearance) is the sole responsibility of VENDOR
  3. Damaged products to be replaced by VENDOR within 7 working days to the respective customer of GERG STORE
  4. VENDOR keeps GERG STORE indemnified and harmless against any loss of, liability, cost or claim, action or account of any defect in the product, brand claims and product mis-representations.


  1. VENDOR should take back the product cancelled by the customer because of quality difference, damage, Specification difference and delayed delivery of the product from VENDOR
  2. GERG STORE will inform the reason for product cancellation to the VENDOR
  3. Exchange of Products should be done by the VENDOR if the same request reaches VENDOR from GERG STORE with in 7 working days after the payment of the respective product
  4. Price of the product will be decided by GERG STORE after necessary expense additions and the same will be intimated to the VENDOR for approval
  5. Product pricing will be finalized after necessary market research and the same will be shared with the VENDOR by GERG STORE
  6. Customer refund policy will be as per the policy with the Customer and GERG STORE
  7. VENDOR has to bear the delivery cost of the product cancelled by the customer
  8. The delivery Charges of the purchased products will be borne by GERG STORE.
  9. The delivery charges of Exchanged products because of Damage, quality difference, Difference in product should be borne by VENDOR
  10. The delivery charges of Exchanged products because of change in size and color will be borne by GERG STORE.com
  11. The pickup point of products will be the VENDOR registered address with GERG STORE
  12. Customer will follow the CUSTOMER CANCELLATION policy by GERG STORE
  13. All cancellations are subject to the reasons mentioned in the PRODUCT POLICY
  14. Product packing will be the Sole responsibility of VENDOR


  1. Cancelled products will be returned to the VENDOR within 15 Working days from the day of cancellation
  2. Cancelled product list and the reason for cancellation will be intimated by GERG STORE to the VENDOR
  3. Replacement of product should be made within 7 working days by the VENDOR on acceptance of new purchase Order from GERG STORE


  1. All the payments for the products will be collected through GOLDEN ERA CONSUMER DURABLES PVT LTD
  2. The Vendor Payments will be made by Fund transfer within 15 working days from the date of product delivery by GERG STORE through GOLDEN ERA CONSUMER DURABLES PRIVATE LIMITED
  3. The Payment schedule is not applicable for returned/cancelled products
  4. No Payment will be done for returned/cancelled Purchase orders


  1. For any grievances/Complaints write to us at vendors@gergstore.com
  2. For any grievances/Complaints call us at 7353155800 / 8884411403
  3. The minimum TAT for resolving the complaints is 3-4 days
  4. For unresolved complaints above TAT write us support@gergstore.com